Tharidha Muhandiramge

Deep connections manifest with honesty, authenticity, and ingenuity.

One key thing to know about me is that for the past 17 years, everyone I’ve collaborated with has valued their experience with me. My positive relationships stem not from my roles as a boss, client, contractor, employee, colleague, supplier, or supervisor, but from my consistent support and availability whenever needed.

About Tharidha

My journey into the world of business began 12 years ago when I came across the eye-opening book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." Since then, I've been on a dedicated path to building and nurturing businesses that reflect my passion for entrepreneurship.

While I enjoy the dynamic world of business, I also find solace and joy in the simplicity of life's pleasures. Picture me on a tranquil beach (Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka, to be specific 😉), savoring a cold beer with the waves gently lapping at my feet. I'm equally enthusiastic about outdoor adventures, from invigorating hikes and glamorous camping (glamping) to cycling and taking refreshing swims. I'm always up for a game of indoor cricket or badminton, the latter being a sport I hold close to my heart.

My Journey


CEO & Co-founder AT Digital

At AT Digital we focus on growing the revenue of our clients by running profitable digital marketing campaigns. An ROAS of 2x and above is our target and not anything below.


CEO & Co-founder Next3zeros

We believe in equal opportunity to access keys to design, develop and test your dream. At Next3Zeros we specialise in providing tech talent to scale your team as and when you want


Director Operations - Clectiq

Clectiq is a full-service digital agency specialising in digital marketing and software solutions to scale your business.


Chemical and Process Engineer Hypromac

Worked on projects as the Process Engineer in the hygienic processing industry in Sri Lanka. My final assignment was as the project manager for the Nestle NUCIFERA coconut milk spray drying plant installation at Nestle factory premises in Pannala, Sri Lanka


President AIESEC in Sri Lanka

During my tenure as the President of AIESEC in Sri Lanka we promote leadership development through AIESEC’s student exchange program and contributed to the development of over 1,000+ students.


Bachelor's in Chemical & Process Engineering

Graduated from University of Moratuwa in the field of Chemical and Process Engineering with a second lower class degree.


Intern Holcim Malaysia

I was able to contribute to the process improvements and Holcim Malaysia to increase the overall efficiency of the plant and design a grinding media sorting machine.

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